Hi Everyone:

This week has been an extremely busy one. I have so much news to share that I don’t even know where to begin.

On Wednesday, we were honored to be a guest speaker for Mrs. Chris Corson’s Transition – Vocational Class at Belvidere North High School. Her class picked my organization to make 3 fleece lapghans and are working on a forth one. The fleece lapghans were beautiful. Each of her students signed the tag that we always attach to each lapghan. The tag has a picture of my dad and our logo along with the phrase, “Made with love, gratitude, and appreciation for your sacrifice and service.” The students did a wonderful job and the lapghans will keep our Veterans warm as much from the love that was instilled in each one of them, as the soft, warm fabric.

We then proceeded to pick up 4 beautiful lapghans from one of my volunteers. They are made from a heavier soft yarn and filled with a lot of love. She has also been trying to recruit more volunteers for me.

From there, we proceeded to the Keenage Center in Belvidere. We were able to pick a day and time when everyone will be able to meet, socialize and make lapghans. This information will be put in the next Keenage Newletter and I will be contacting all of my volunteers to let them know the day and time. While I was at the Keenage Center, the Veterans were having their monthly coffee and I was warmly welcomed to speak about my organization. The Veterans greeted my husband and me as if we were one of them. What an honor!

After our meeting and a quick tour, I picked up one lapghan that was made by a 93-year-old lady for our Veterans. There were 2 other lapghans that were made and donated as well as 2 bags of donated yarn. All of these lapghans had vibrant colors and are beautiful. The yarn is so appreciated! Without the yarn, we cannot keep this organization going.

On Thursday, my husband, Pat, and I made the trip to the VA Hospital in Madison, WI. We distributed lapghans to Veterans in the Community Living Center, which also includes hospice care. Some of the Veterans shared stories about when they were in the service. The stories were very interesting and some were extremely distressing. One Veteran told us his story about when he was captured in Korea and held as a POW. He spoke about some of the torture that he and his fellow Army brothers received, including when 2 soldiers got shot for just standing up. While we were there we gave out a total of 23 lapghans. The breakdown is as follows:

11 Army

5 Navy

2 Marines

2 Air Force

2 Unknown (Vet was sleeping)

1 to a Veteran that served 23 years of which 6 were with the Air Force and 17 years were with the Army.

It was truly a heartwarming and very gratifying experience to see the smiles on all of the Veterans faces. This small token of appreciation from our organization is nothing compared to all the pain, suffering, and sacrifices that they made for our freedom. Meeting and speaking with the Veterans makes me strive harder to keep this organization successful.

On Friday, I went to pick up 3 more beautiful lapghans made by another volunteer. The patterns are wonderful and the colors are bright and very cheerful. One of them even has hearts on it.

Once again, a big THANK YOU to all of my supporters! I wish that each and every one of you could have seen the joy we brought to these Veterans.

If you do not use facebook, please check out the post from November 22nd. My daughter and social media guru accidentally overlooked that post and only recently added it to the official website’s news blog.

Have a great weekend. Charlotte