Hello Everyone!

Another year has passed and we are so very grateful for all of your support! While the pandemic continues to create daily challenges to all of our lives, we did have some amazing highlights this past year.

On February 10, 2021, Sgt. P turned 100 years old!!!! The entire community braved the freezing temperatures to wish him a happy birthday.

Below are some links to local TV coverage:

WIFR channel 23 Poplar Grove WWII Veteran Celebrates 100th Birthday

WREX channel 13 “We really are blown away’ Dozens Celebrate WWII Veteran’s 100th Birthday”

More pictures and videos are available on our Facebook page


We distributed 1,083 lapghans in 2021 alone, our most prolific year yet!!!! This brings our total, current distribution of lapghans to 4,383!

Due to COVID protocols, we have not been able to meet many veterans in person for face-to-face distribution, especially those who are in-patients. However, we continue to provide these complimentary blankets for VA hospitals, clinics, and facilities, Veteran Stand Down events, to other organizations that serve veterans where following quarantine, those blankets are distributed for us by cleared staff.

Our Alabama group has continued to be active with distributing 120 lapghans to their local VA hospitals and facilities this year alone! Thank you ladies for your continued dedication and hard work!

In addition to our veterans, we have provided complimentary lapghans to active-duty military personnel, including 115 for the local Adopt-A-Marine program (News article linked here).


And coming in 2022, we will be providing lapghans for the Vets Roll trip from May 22-25! We are so excited for these new partnerships and opportunities to spread our mission to our veterans, wherever they may live or be currently stationed.

In conclusion, a most sincere thank you to all of our volunteers and supporters for continuing our mission to wrap our veterans in comfort and warmth with lapghans made out of love and gratitude for their sacrifice and service.

Thank you to our veterans and active duty military personnel for their service to our country!